Listing: 1998 Moto Guzzi EV

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1998 Moto Guzzi EV
1998 Moto Guzzi EV


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1998 Moto Guzzi EV

Category: MOTO GUZZI

Price: $3500

Year: 1998

Model: V11 EV California

Color: Silver & Black

Additional Information/Details:

Beautiful, well maintained, adult owned silver and black EV to the Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi puts its big V-twins across the frame so the air-cooled cylinders jut out into wind and the drive train doesn't have to turn a corner to mesh with the final drive shaft. The 1064cc engine's 90-degree V-angle allows the engine to operate smoothly without balancers or rubber mounts. Weber Marelli Electronic fuel injection supplies the fuel in just the right measure. Five speeds and a dry clutch direct power through the drive shaft. The stout 45mm Marzocchi fork is quite beefy, and offers separate adjustments for damping on both compression and rebound. A steering damper and dual WP damper units in the rear also permit you to tailor the ride to your requirements. Triple, four-piston caliper BREMBO brakes stop special wire-spoke wheels with tubeless tires. This was the first year for Guzzi's proportional, integrated braking—where the brake pedal operates on one front disk and the rear. This system "senses" each wheel share of the load and divides braking force accordingly.

The V11 EV has a unique combination of styling influences. The fuel tank holds five gallons without looking fat. It has floorboards and a heel-toe shifter. The custom saddle is a two-piece design with a small passenger backrest. It also has an OEM luggage rack and centerstand, Hepko-Becker bag mounts and OEM police style windshield with a Laminar Lip.

For the rider to whom "rugged individualist" means more than buying the same machine the guy down the block has, the Guzzi, at $3,500, is truly singular.

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