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Nancy and Doug Wirt, Megan Dyce, and Brian Jenkins (Chief Tech,) run the upper Midwest’s largest Moto Guzzi dealer and the oldest and largest Suzuki dealer in eastern South Dakota.  The folk at The MotoCycle Shop try to provide a unique and memorable experience for their customers, whether buying a motorcycle or pair of riding gloves, receiving first class service, or just talking “bikes.”

Nancy, Brian and Doug opened The MotoCycle Shop with Megan's help back in January 1994.  At the time they sold new Moto Guzzi motorcycles and used bikes in their downtown site.  Soon, they added Velorex sidecars, Jawa mopeds and CZ and MZ motorcycles.  The current building was built in 1995.  In 1997 sales of new Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs were added to the mix.  Doug says, “It was a big change in our lives.  We have always been a small shop with the basic four of us here from the start.  When we started the shop, Nancy retired from teaching and I kept going, working both jobs until 2007 when I too retired from teaching.”

"Most visitors are surprised to find so many Moto Guzzi motorcycles under one roof.  We often rank in the top ten MOTO GUZZI dealerships nationally.  We consistently rank in the top 5 SUZUKI dealerships, bring home “The SUZUKI Super Service Award” for more than 10 years in a row.  What makes this special to us is that the award is based on customer feedback to SUZUKI.  Not bad for a small dealership in a town of twenty two thousand.  We would like to promote the shop as a destination dealer, and also as a nice place for riders to visit on their family vacations, but until we put in the water park out back the “destination dealer” part will have to wait.

“We know we are oldest Suzuki dealer in East River SD, we consistently rank right up there in terms of unit sales.  We may not be the largest in terms of square footage, a lot of this I attribute not only to Nancy and Megan’s outstanding ability to match customer needs and wants to specific needs, but also Brian’s ability to provide first class service to our customers.  He stays abreast of the most current technology available, yet has a deep knowledge a love of vintage European and Japanese machines and a special skill set to keep them reliable and performing at their best.  Of the 17 Moto Guzzis in our show room, four are brand new, six are five years old or newer, three are 10-12 years old, and the rest are restored Tontis and Loop Frames from the 70s.  The Shop has a 1952 Moto Guzzi Aerone.  Vespa prides itself on the classic vintage look of even their most current models.  Because our service customers are so particular about their rides, we tend to get trade-ins that are above average.  We service and inspect every machine, even the ones we are thoroughly familiar with on a regular service basis.  We are quite proud of the quality of our used bikes, scooters and ATVs, of any brand.”

Doug and Brian and I have attended the Guzzi-Piaggio service schools in Costa Mesa, California for education and service updates and Brian has formal motorcycle service training from the state school.  He has also attended all the Suzuki service schools as offered.  Both Doug and Brian have attended tech schools under the old independent Moto Guzzi tech department and Doug has also taken the on-line Suzuki tech school classes for updates.

Nancy and Doug have been motorcycle enthusiasts for a many years.  Doug started riding when he was eight and taught Nancy to ride when they were both 16.  Their first Moto Guzzi was a 750 Ambassador bought used in 1973.  Doug says, “We were hooked and have been riding Guzzis ever since.”  All of us at The MotoCycle Shop ride and enjoy riding many different kinds of machines.  We believe that our many years of riding helps deliver a better riding experience to our customers.


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